Welcome to Complete Woman

Complete Woman CIC is not established or conducted for profit gain. It was founded 2009 by a small group of migrant women as an effort to reduce isolation and share knowledge to help each other integrate into the new unfamiliar culture.

Its activities provide benefit to women, children and young people from deprived and marginalised communities through practical and workable solutions that make a difference in solving the pressing challenges that women and families are facing today.

Our events provide networking/social interaction opportunities to share best practices and commonalities giving a sense of belonging and/or feeling as part of a wider community.
Our main objectives are to equip, strengthen, empower, inspire and educate women so they can thrive beyond the intersectionality of identity.
Our Vision is to address inequalities by building and establishing orphanages, women’s shelters, education programs, outreach programmes, missions to provide food and clothing to the less privileged, medical facilities, and give hope to the afflicted and broken heart, in our community and globally.